Are you ready for a life of bliss?


You were Built For Bliss.  It is who you are. 
Your journey toward a life of bliss starts here.

I’m  so  happy  you’ve  found  your  way  here.

Hi, I am Trudi.

I am the author of “Built for Bliss” – a practical guide to living and loving with real joy.

I am a holistic psychologist with an innate desire to make the most of life whilst supporting others to do the same.  I believe that we are here to feel and radiate ‘Bliss’, to align to our souls true purpose and to open our full potential.

To experience lasting happiness, we must go within to discover what needs to be released or healed. When we create inward change, our outer world changes accordingly.

As we clear all that is holding us back from the lives we desire, we open to a whole new way of living and loving.

Are you ready to go within, rediscover your true essence and open yourself to a truly abundant life?

Are you ready to clear the blocks between you and a life of bliss? This book will support you to understand yourself and your life and make potent changes to experience the transformation you desire.


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