What Is Your Flavour of Bliss?

Aug 05, 2020

We are here to experience wellbeing, joy and fulfilment. By understanding what lights us up and what makes our heart sing, we are able to build our particular flavour of happiness or bliss into our lives. It may come through the outward experience of being a smiley or laugh out loud person, or it may be the sweetness of being comfortable in the quiet of our lives.

Building bliss is about becoming truly comfortable, happy and at peace within ourselves, irrespective of what the outside world has to offer. What makes us happy can only come from our personal perspective and choices. Indeed, becoming comfortable in our own skin and happy within our lives is an ongoing journey. By choosing what makes our heart sing, we are choosing ourselves and choosing to follow our bliss. 

What makes you feel alive?
As you figure out your own flavour of bliss, you are free to create more of it in your life. What makes you feel energised and alive? What really makes you feel vibrant and excited? What makes you feel really comfortable in your own skin? While everyone else is choosing chocolate, you might like strawberry or bubblegum or white chocolate pistachio hazelnut with caramel flavour.

Find your unique flavour of bliss… what makes YOUR heart sing and YOUR passion levels high. If your flavour involves team or social activities, set the intention to find like-minded people to share the experiences you love with you. Find your own unique voice and sing your own song. 

What is your flavour of bliss? What makes you feel vibrant, excited, energised and alive?

As the Sufi poet, Hafiz said: “Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.”

There is an endless supply of energy, joy, peace, bliss and love available to all of us (though we may not always feel this way!) When we feel or experience a limit to the amount of energy, joy, peace, bliss and love available to us, it highlights our need to address our mental and emotional wellbeing to allow us to shift from a scarcity consciousness into a consciousness of abundance. This allows us to flow with greater ease and grace in life.

Live your life with excitement and possibility – always questioning, challenging, trying, and truly living instead of merely existing. You can spend eighty, ninety, or even a hundred years or more on this earth and never really live, just going through the motions and waiting until it is your time to move on from this life. Or you have the choice to embrace your life choosing to focus on the things that give your life passion and meaning and help you remember to be grateful for being alive.