Self-Reflection is a Key to Wellbeing

Jul 02, 2020

To experience and embody true happiness, life need not always be ideal. We all experience situations that challenge us to grow, learn and expand.

It is how we face our challenges and navigate these experiences that heavily influences our wellbeing. When we can accept each issue or obstacle as an opportunity to achieve personal growth, we become more open to what the experience is teaching us.

Quite often, what we are here to learn, we are also here to teach. Thus, our challenges often provide us with an insight into our soul’s purpose.  

Change is the one constant we can count on to experience in our lives, yet so many people experience fear and anxiety when it comes to change. Fear of the unknown, fear failure, fear of success, fear of what they cannot control, fear of taking responsibility for what they can control.

What we each have in our control provides the most important influence on our experiences and interactions every day. With conscious awareness, we can each take control of how we think, our feelings and our behaviours.

Take the time to slow down and connect with yourself. Reflecting through journaling, talking with a trusted friend, or simply becoming aware of your thoughts and inner dialogue are great ways to increase your self-awareness.

You can gain significant insight into your thoughts and feelings and how they influence your behaviours by reflecting on potent questions. Below are examples of questions you may ask yourself, from various areas of your life.

One powerful way to use these prompts is to set a timer and write unedited for a period of time, between 5-20 minutes. The choice of timing is yours, as are the questions you ask yourself.

A range of questions are below. Your responses and what they reveal to you may provide you with significant insight into how you are feeling about yourself or a particular area of your life.


Tuning into myself

When I tune in, what are my mind, emotions and physical body telling me today?

As I scan my body, do I feel any tension, aches or pain?

What do I need in order to release tension?

What are my aches and pains telling me?


Opportunities for growth within situations, event, interactions or relationships

What have I learned?

What has challenged me?

What am I choosing to challenge within myself?

Where have I had an opportunity to learn and grow?


Life satisfaction

In what areas of my life am I happy and satisfied?

In what areas of my life am I ready for positive change?

How will I change my thoughts, feelings and behaviour to support this?

What is one step I can take today to create positive change?


Witnessing fear

How is fear limiting me in my life?

Where can I use my inner resources to overcome fear?


Having my needs met

Where/how am I feeling supported by others?

How can I ask for more support?

How am I meeting my own needs?

Where in my life can I increase meeting my own needs?



Where do I feel most at ease in my life?

Who are the people with whom I feel most at ease, and why?


Trust and Understanding

Where do I need to place more trust and faith in myself? In others?

What can I do to show greater trust today?

What experiences have shown me that everything in my life is in divine right order?


Passion and joy

What do I feel most passionate about in my life?

How much time do I spend doing things I truly love?

How can I make more time to spend on my passions?



Who do I need to forgive for perceived hurts in my life?

Where do I need to forgive myself for any perceived wrongdoing?

Where can I release myself or others from shame or guilt?



What am I most grateful for in my life?

What are/have been my greatest challenges in my life?

How can I find gratitude for my challenging experiences?



How can I show myself more loving kindness today?

How can I show others more loving kindness today?


Releasing emotions

What past emotional patterns do I need to release?

Where in my body are they stored?

How can I feel into these emotions, so I can process and integrate them?