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The Bliss Code Online Program

Are you ready to build a life of bliss? I’m here to show you the way and support you to truly shine.

Over many years of researching and practicing in the field of holistic wellbeing, and through my personal journey, I’ve come to understand the steps toward really coming to love yourself and your life, and allowing yourself to shine.

This program will help you to:

Become aware of the blocks

It takes courage to make the inward journey to experience real transformation.

  • Learn how you are hardwired for bliss and why it’s alluding you most of the time
  • Help you to recognise and clear the blocks that prevent you from experiencing a truly happy, harmonious life
Bare and breakdown your limiting beliefs

Uncover your long-held limiting beliefs and replace them with new, healthy beliefs that support you to live a beautiful, blissful life.

  • Understand your limiting beliefs
  • See yourself as worthy and lovable, ultimately changing your life
  • Recognise your inner beauty and let it shine brightly
Believe in your brilliance

Be bold! Step out into the world with a deeper understanding of yourself and a greater level of self-love.

  • Develop your capacity for self-reflection and trusting your intuition
  • Learn ways to cultivate awareness, presence and connection
Benefits of being

When we slow down and make space for inward reflection, we are able to hear our inner wisdom.

  • Learn simple, effective wellbeing tools to connect with the feeling of bliss daily
Bring balance to your life

Blissful happiness comes with achieving balance across all areas of your life.

  • Create healthy beliefs around balance so you can achieve it
Behold your beauty

With all of this inner transformation, you’ll see the outward changes. You’ll glow with good health. As you shine from within and feel great, it will impact your physical beauty and energy levels. 

  • Adjust any limiting beliefs about being visible and gorgeous out in the world
  • Behold your beauty with confidence

Is it time to take the inward journey and see real, lasting transformation in your life? Are you ready to live a life of bliss?

About Me

About Me

I’m Trudi Bannister - a psychologist and advocate for each of us living our lives to our greatest potency. As I work with clients, I guide and support each one to remember and reclaim the experience of feeling truly happy, healthy and whole.

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