I Am Bliss - Guided Meditation


A short, guided meditation for regular listening to help you experience genuine self-acceptance and see yourself as happy, healthy and whole.

Would you like to feel good every day? This beautiful, gentle meditation is created for regular listening to support you to feel centred, balanced and whole, whatever you are experiencing in your life.

Our lives bring us all sorts of experiences, from the most amazing and joyful times, to the most difficult and challenging times. It is how we navigate these experiences that determine our wellbeing.

It is through establishing a real sense of being truly worthy of the life that we desire, we are able to open to greater abundance. We are limited by our beliefs and what we deem we are worthy of in our lives.

As we allow ourselves to truly recognise we are worthy and beautiful from the inside out, our outer world will transform.

When we are able to come back to our centre of self-love and self-worth allows us to really bask in the great times and recognise we are worthy of full abundance in our lives during the good times.

Our centre of self-love and self-worth also supports us to face our fears, navigate our challenges and accept change with more courage and ease.

About Me

About Me

I’m Trudi Bannister - a psychologist and advocate for each of us living our lives to our greatest potency. As I work with clients, I guide and support each one to remember and reclaim the experience of feeling truly happy, healthy and whole.

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