Built for Bliss by Trudi Bannister

Are you ready to clear the blocks between you and a life of bliss? This book will support you to understand yourself and your life and make potent changes to experience the transformation you desire.

With a potent blend of science, psychology, spiritual tradition, practical guidance and emotive experiences, Built for Bliss illustrates how so many of us have lost touch with our true essence and potential for a joyful life.

Through her work as a psychologist, and in her own personal life, Trudi Bannister has intimately witnessed the ways in which people create blocks – mostly subconsciously – between themselves and living a life of bliss.

Built for Bliss explains that the experience of bliss is not about life being ideal all of the time. It is about being present to what is so you may recognise your limiting beliefs, wounds, patterns and conditioning, heal and release what is no longer serving you, and allow abundance to flow in.

By embracing your capacity to consciously feel and observe your thoughts and emotions, you will become aware of what leads you toward – and away from – feeling happy, healthy and whole.

Cultivating awareness in your everyday life will allow you to discover ways to lead a happier, more satisfying and harmonious life.

Are you ready to:

  • Understand and free yourself from the blocks you have created preventing you from experiencing a life of bliss?
  • Experience genuine self-acceptance and see yourself as happy, healthy and whole?
  • Cultivate deep and loving connections with others?
  • Become completely open to all that life has to offer?
  • Align with your soul’s purpose and realise your full potential?

Drawing on proven science and the world’s great psychological and spiritual traditions, Built for Bliss provides you with the tools to navigate change with greater understanding, grace and ease.

It is often the challenges you face in life that provide you with the greatest catalyst for growth and lead you to a deeper experience of your authentic self and purpose.

Built for Bliss is available in Kindle or Paperback

About Me

About Me

I’m Trudi Bannister - a psychologist and advocate for each of us living our lives to our greatest potency. As I work with clients, I guide and support each one to remember and reclaim the experience of feeling truly happy, healthy and whole.

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