We truly are built for bliss

The experience of true happiness or bliss is not only realistic and possible, we are hardwired to experience it! We are literally designed to seek out and experience pleasure. Through her research relating to opiate receptors, scientist Candace Pert found that living in a state of bliss is normal and natural for people. Indeed, living in a state of bliss represents an optimal state of functioning. Endorphins released in the brain and body in response to emotional states and to certain physical activities, such as exercise and breastfeeding, cause a feeling of euphoria and create a natural high or the state of bliss. Pert referred to the experience of true bliss as alignment with our divine self or union with the divine.

These findings indicate that we are designed to live in joyful and harmonious ways, yet it seems the structure of our lives and society provide considerable interference. Modern society has become consistently prone to competition and judgement, with so many people locked in a struggle with life rather than living with ease and flow. Pushing and striving and being constantly on the go have become ingrained into our culture as normal, or even functional and successful ways of living. Although it is more natural for people to work in teams cooperatively toward a common goal, we’ve come to believe that creating competition between people is an effective motivator and commonly experience it as an attempt to drive desired behaviours.

So often people are pitted against each other in their lives, in school, sport and work, in the hope that it will propel all involved to achieve their best results. Some people do well under these conditions, though it is not ideal for many. And while people can survive in conditions that do not meet their needs, it is often at the cost of their wellbeing, joy and fulfilment as a whole human being. Our perception of what is normal in modern day life has taken us away from the experience of bliss. It is time to remember our beauty and divinity and find our way back to bliss and truly feeling comfortable in our own skin.

We each have a special light within us that we are called to express in ways that are unique and powerful. However, many people in current times have found their light, the potential they have for joy and alignment with their purpose in life, has been dimmed. Our culture has become unbalanced, as it places far greater emphasis on masculine traits such as doing and striving than it does on feminine traits such as being and allowing. To open ourselves to our light, we must balance our masculine and feminine aspects equally. Most of us would do well to slow our pace and allow our lives to unfold for our highest good, rather than pushing and forcing. Feeling and connecting with joy is deep inner work and provides us with a path to remembering who we are. We must make time and space to hear the whispers of inner guidance from our heart.

Far too often, concepts like stress, pressure, and deadlines determine our daily experiences and diffuse our efforts toward maintaining a balanced life. However, as we commit to finding the balance between striving and allowing, we can discover and follow the path to what truly makes us happy, healthy and well, and align with our authentic self. So many time honoured practices exist to light our path of self-discovery. When we are able to bridge the worlds of spiritual based living and practical living, we can create a life filled with passion and inner peace, while aligning with our purpose. Our true brilliance, bliss and beauty may be ignited, paving the way for us to open up to our full potential. As we follow the path of our soul, we find new ways of being in the world – we learn to trust, understand and believe in ourselves, others and the world, and view all that is from a new, higher perspective.


Reference: Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d

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